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Urban and landscape architecture that creates lasting change

You will need to listen – really listen, if you want to create lasting change. Take in the surroundings, process them and shape the future. Every day we work to create meaningful habitats and attractive urban spaces that solve societal problems. Our hearts beat for solutions that create value for future generations.     

What's new

På etårsdagen for tilblivelsen af LYTT Architecture udnævnes nu tre nye associerede partnere. De tre nye associerede partnere har i flere år været en del af LYTTs gruppe af nøglemedarbejdere med ansvar som projektledere og teamledere og alle tre har en bred erfaring indenfor fagets mange discipliner.

Fra afdelingen i Aarhus er det her Karen Marie Fisker Langkjer og Anne Hartvig Mogensen

Og fra afdelingen i København er det Tine Vogt.

Troldhedestien er indviet! Troldhedestien er en natursti der løber nær en tidligere jernbanestrækning ved Kolding. Projektet har til formål at skabe nye rum og rammer for oplevelser og udfoldelse i naturen. Nye faciliteter og let adgang til naturen skal skabe fællesskaber mellem borgere med vidt forskellige forudsætninger. 

LYTT is part of the winning team who will develop an old hospital area in Aarhus into a new campus site for Aarhus University. One of the main architectural ideas behind the project is a visual openness towards the surrounding neighborhood and the rest of Aarhus city. The aim is to create an urban space that both students and the public can enjoy. 

LYTT has won the competition to reestablish the area in front of Frederiksberg Slot, a castle in Copenhagen. Over time the busy road Roskildevej has expanded and left the castle detached from the park Søndermarken, which is a part of the original castle garden. Our solution uses different pavement to create an obvious separation of traffic while creating a better connection between the castle and the park. 

LYTT has won a shared first price in the competition regarding a vision for the recreational area Kongelunden in the southern part of Aarhus. Our vision is to make Kongelunden a place where sports, social gatherings and other outdoor experiences are connected and concentrated around an architectural conglomerate, the agora. 

Together with TRANSFORM, LYTT has devised the development plan ‘Byens Vand’ in a parallel competition. The plan is a suggestion for how Horsens’ town centre in the future could offer recreational, blue-green and climate adapted urban spaces. 

LYTT receives Brolæggerprisen 2020 for our knowledge about and interest in the paviour field, demonstrated through various projects. We feel truly honoured to have received the award – it is a great source of inspiration to continue the work with paving and the development of new ideas and use of the beautiful materials. 

LYTT Architecture has presented their final proposal ”Som Landet Ligger” for the storm surge and cloudburst protection of Dragør Municipality.   

Together with AART Architects and MOE, LYTT Architecture recently won the competition to design the new urban spaces in connection to a sustainable office and community centre in Viby South. From the beginning, the vision for the development of Viby South has been to create a coherent neighbourhood with a mix of different residents.    

With archaeological accuracy, LYTT has reconstructed C. Th. Sørensen’s amphitheatre at Bellahøj. Already before the opening, students have been using the scene with great enthusiasm.  

With an eye for the cultural heritage and the surrounding nature, LYTT is in the process of transforming Aulum Churchyard into a harmony between a traditionally structured memorial site and a more wild and complex experience landscape with special places for silence and gathering. 

LYTT is applying the finishing touches on a proposal for the development of Middelfart Marina from a traditional marina to a maritime centre of excellence and multifunctional recreational meeting point in the scenic Fænøsund. Now with a lighthouse.  

In Nature Park Amager we are designing a project to support the holistic experience of the 35 km2 varied nature area close to the centre of Copenhagen.